In 2008 the Workers' Participation Unit of the ETUI started researching and collecting EWC-related court cases and included this collection into the existing database of European Works Councils ( The jurisprudence database grown since and currently contains a collection of more than 70 various court cases and numerous articles. All of them are linked to EWCs registered in the EWC database and searchable via an efficient search engine.

This section features information related to the EWC and SE-related jurisprudence.

For all questions or suggestions in this regard please contact Romek Jagodziński, Senior Researcher, ETUI.

We welcome any tips or information about the relevant court judgements/cases (please contact R. Jagodziński).

[Currently in construction, will be updated soon]

Structure of the EWC jurisprudence database:

1) EUCJ level jurisprudence on EWCs and SE works councils

1.1. Directly linked to EWCs;

1.2. Indirectly linked to EWCs (subsidiary jurisprudence relevant for EWC rights and operation);

2) National level jurisprudence  on EWCs and SE works councils

2.1 Directly linked to EWCs;

2.2. Indirectly linked to EWCs (subsidiary jurisprudence e.g. on information & consultation rights at the level of local works councils, employee representation, etc. relevant for EWC rights and operation);

Recent Developments:

New search engine for court cases database available at

- possibility to search jurisprudence by keywords;

- possiblity to search jurisprudence by EWC Directive's article to which a case is linked (under construction).

Workers' Participation Europe network

The WPEurope network (formerly known as SEEurope) has been confined with the task to map national databases on court cases. Outocomes of the mapping exercise are expected mid-2017