Resources for Workers' Participation

This page discusses resources associated with workers' participation in two aspects:

1. workers' participation & democracy at work as an asset (resource) to workers, compani and society

We discuss how workers' participation is embedded in the broader concept of democracy at work.

We present how workers' participation & democracy at work are associated with sustainability.

We show how workers' participation can be measured across the EU thanks to the ETUI's European Participation Index 2.0 and how is different countries' performance in various fields associated with their performance in the area of workers' participation and workers' rights.

We present how workers' participation is linked to and influences sustainability as well as what are the prospects for workers' participation.

Finally, we explain how the European Workers Participation Competence Centre assists workers' representatives and trade unions in their support of democracy at work.

2. various resources available for workers' representatives

We show the various databases about and for workers' representatives.

We explain the networks run by the ETUI that feed the understanding of various aspects workers' participation in Europe.