Succeeding previous initiatives, the EWPCC and the ETUI Education department organised a third workshop for experts and trainers of board-level employee representatives in Hamburg (26–28 October 2011). After discussions about the general need for training and cross-cultural aspects, the seminar focused on training tools for sustainable development and the analysis of financial data.

Good knowledge of the financial statements and the balance sheet makes it possible to detect the real figures behind the words, to verify whether the announced strategy is actually reflected in the numbers. Does the company invest in sustainable activities or is it possible to expose suspicious transactions with tax havens? Unfortunately, you almost have to be a real specialist to undertake an in-depth assessment of those complicated and highly regulated financial data. The purpose of this workshop was to exchange ideas about training tools which can help board-level employee representatives to separate the wheat from the chaff, to filter out the most relevant information in a relatively quick and simple way.

Workshop documentation

Contact: Bruno Demaître,