Shifting political currents and the financial and economic crisis have created conflicting pressures on the area of European corporate governance and company law, which is reflected in current debates. On the one hand, supporters of 'negative integration' and greater competition between national regimes of company law are pushing to complete an agenda which was initiated with the Commission’s 2003 ‘Action Plan on the modernisation of company law and the improvement of corporate governance’. On the other hand, there are widespread demands for stronger regulation of corporate governance at the European level in the interests of sustainable companies and the realization of Social Europe.

Current debates in this area include consultations on the future direction of European corporate governance and company law, as well as a discussion on the need for a European minimum standard for worker involvement. Furthermore, there are specific discussions and proposals in the areas of reporting by companies of social and environmental information, the cross-border transfer of registered seats (proposed 14th company law directive), and on new European company legal forms (the European Private Company and the European Foundation).