The “local and regional government” sectoral social dialogue has resulted, since 1996, in the adoption of 17 joint texts.







27/02/2009CEMR-EP/EPSU Joint Message to the Spring European Council 2009Economic and/or sectoral policiesJoint opinionEuropean institutions
18/12/2008CEMR/EPSU joint response to the Consultation of the European social partners for a review of the implementations of the Commission Communication and decision of 20 May 1998Social dialogueDeclarationEuropean institutions
01/07/2008Reform of public services: What role for social dialogue?Economic and/or sectoral policiesToolNational organisations

Supporting the reform process in local and regional government: Joint evaluation of the experience in different forms of service provision

Joint conclusions, June 2008

Economic and/or sectoral policiesDeclarationEuropean social partners
19/03/2008CEMR-EP/EPSU Joint Statement on the Active Inclusion of Those Furthest from the Labour MarketWorking conditionsJoint opinionEuropean institutions
14/12/2007Guidelines to drawing up gender equality action plans in local and regional governmentNon-discriminationRecommendationNational organisations
03/04/2007Joint CEMR/EPSU response to the European Commission’s Green Paper COM (2006) 708 Modernising Labour Law to Meet the Challenges of the 21st CenturyWorking conditionsJoint opinionEuropean institutions
29/11/2006CEMR – EPSU joint statement on the development of social dialogue in local and regional governmentSocial dialogueDeclarationNational organisations


CEMR – EPSU joint statement on EU employment policyEmploymentJoint opinionEuropean institutions


CEMR-EP / EPSU joint statement on teleworkWorking conditionsRecommendationNational organisations


Internal rules of procedure for the European sectoral social dialogue committee for the local and regional government sectorSocial dialogueRules of procedureEuropean social partners


Joint statement on the role of local and regional public services and the Green Paper on services of general interestEconomic and/or sectoral policiesJoint opinionEuropean institutions


CEMR Employers’ Platform and EPSU joint statement on the EU employment policySocial dialogueJoint opinionEuropean institutions


Joint declaration of the CEMR Employers’ Platform and EPSU on equal opportunitiesNon-discriminationRecommendationNational organisations


Joint declaration of the CEMR Employers’ Platform and EPSU on employmentEmploymentJoint opinionEuropean institutions


Joint Statement of the CEMR Employers’ Platform and the European Federation of Public Service Unions on Employment in the European UnionEmploymentJoint opinionEuropean institutions


Joint Declaration on Modernisation of Public ServicesSocial dialogueDeclarationNational organisations
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