The following criteria apply under Directive 2009/38/EC (EWC Directive):

a. community-scale undertakings (multinational companies) – undertakings employing at least 1,000 employees within the EU Member States and the European Economic Area (EEA: EU 27 + Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway) and at the same time employing at least 150 employees in each of at least two EU Member States.

b. community-scale groups of undertakings – groups of undertakings (a controlling undertaking and its controlled companies) employing in total within the EU Member States and EEA at least 1,000 employees and controlling at least two group undertakings in different Member States, of which each employs at least 150 employees.

It is worth noting that the location of the headquarters of a multinational company or group of undertakings has no influence on the application of the EWC Directive. Even if the company’s main HQ is outside the EU, as long as the company has 1,000 employees in the EU and at least 150 in two or more EU Member States the EWC Directive still applies. In fact, many companies registered for instance in the USA or Japan meet the above criteria and thus are covered by the EWC Directive.