Within the framework of the GoodCorp Project, the ETUI Monitoring and Assessing Company Law Transposition (Monaco) Network was established in 2022 to monitor and analyse the transposition of key EU Company Law and related Directives with relevance for worker participation. The network is composed of correspondents from the different Member States with a background in the analysis of legislation. The Monaco Network is coordinated by Progressive Policies on behalf of the ETUI.

Every month, these correspondents report on the state of transposition of the Directives in their respective countries. Where relevant, they also provide a qualitative assessment of national implementation, in particular on provisions that are important for workers’ rights. In addition to a regular monitoring reports, an overview report on the transposition will be compiled.

The network currently monitors the transposition of four Directives:

The 'state of play' of transposition can be accessed in the latest Monaco Network overview report.