After more than two decades of operation, the total number of transnational bodies for information and consultation (EWCs created) has reached 1,529, while 1,150 of them are currently (April 2018) active (operating). We have observed a steady, though moderate (and gradually declining) growth pace in the number of EWCs each year. The rate of the creation of such bodies was highest in 1996 (introduction of Directive 94/45/EC and deadline for voluntary EWC agreements) and in 1999–2000 (extension of Directive 94/45/EC to UK and Ireland). Since 2002, the annual number of newly created EWCs has been, on average, 30–35, with on average 20-25 new ones per year created in the past five years.

On the other hand, EWCs have also been terminated as a result of various processes: mergers between multinational companies (MNCs), acquisitions/takeovers or the bankruptcy of MNCs.